Friday, May 4, 2012

puppy heaven

pretty gnarly pic of the head scar...but notice the puppies instead...they were my last hurrah and they were GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
 I got so many puppy kisses from these guys!

 one black and tan...
 and the rest these wonderful sables and whites...which I had been trying to get with other combos
 reminds me of my Grace
 they so remind me of their mother

 kisses and nippies on the nose
 i look frightened that they are going to take them away
isn't she beautiful?


Cheri said...

Jackie, Grace was the mother of my puppy (Daphne) and these pups certainly do look like her...darling! Thank you for posting these pictures. It just seems right that they are showering you with love. Loved the picture of your amazing family in the T-shirts...that's quite the support team surrounding you and the saying on the shirts is priceless:) You are in my thoughts and prayers, Cheri

Jeanne said...

Definitely puppy heaven. They know that you love them and they are just returning the love. That is a pretty big scar, but I was drawn to the picture with your bright happy smile and you sat there surrounded by pure puppy love!

Big hugs to you!

paulette said...

Nothing like a little puppy love to get you in the right frame of mind!! And yes, they are dang cute...Having said that, I don't think you have EVER shown a pup that WASN'T Dang Stinking Cute!! You obviously LOVED your job...and your job loved you right back! And think of all the families you touched and enriched with all those dang stinking cute puppies...mine included!! Thank you so much, Jackie!! Hang in there and keep smiling-you're in my thoughts and prayers.
Big hug!

quiltercaroline said...

The puppies are gorgeous and I hope that they were able to lift your spirits a little. thinking of you.

mags said...

The puppies are the cutest ever! I just wished we were in the same country because I am looking for a friend of my Rosie (a cavapoo!).