Wednesday, May 2, 2012

puppy play date

Rare opportunities come along sometimes....when you have some of what we consider here the most basic of things taken from you learn to enjoy some of the former things with a touch more nostalgia and grace and relish those moments....even tho they are short and sweet. I got to go play with puppies from Amy yesterday!!!!!    They are six weeks and stinkin cute! Or at least I think so :) *add a BIG smile here!
Tessa and a puppy playing!
Wish you could see this guys face cuz he is one of the cutest black and tans I have ever seen....with puppy kisses galore to lavish on anyone
brothers don't bite...they hug :)
nope that isn't me standing letting pups run between my feet
Basketful of pups....dig that red color!

Well for now I will stop with the pics...hope to get more when I see the last batch this weekend


paulette said...

Nothing cuter than a basketful of pups!! Dang stinkin' cute pups too!! Hey, Rylie had a birthday party yesterday...May 1st! She turned 3 so she is a big girl now...but still full of it...if you know what I mean!! She keeps us on our toes for sure!! Just love her to bits!! Thanks again for raising such sweet pups!! :o)

Jeanne said...

How wonderful that you get to see the adorable puppies from time to time. I'm sure that felt terrific! I agree, there isn't much cuter than a basket full of pups.

Thanks so much for sharing!